Big: An Introduction to My Weight-Loss Journal

The first in a series of posts on my struggles with maintaining a healthier weight

Back in January 2019, I started keeping an unusual kind of weight-loss journal that was also part treatise on today’s obesity pandemic. It documents my attempt to understand how I originally became overweight and how I might maintain a healthier weight.

What it doesn’t document, however, is everything I ate and how many calories were in it. That might be helpful for some people, but it’s just too tedious for me and, in my case, not as helpful as trying to understand myself better.

A lot of it deals with my thoughts about food and with our natural human yearnings to eat enough food to fuel our big, energy-hungry brains.

I’m a researcher by trade and a bonafide nerd by nature. So, it made sense for me to delve into the world’s obesity problem as a way of explaining my situation to myself. In truth, every fat person has their own story to tell. But I suspect most overweight people also share much in common, often including modern cultures where their condition has become the norm and where there are plenty of conflicts over issues such as body image, fat-shaming and more.

Now I’m going to turn some of that weight-loss journal into a series of posts in a way that I hope will be helpful to some other folks.

The first post up is Enough Is Too Much.

Featured image: An fMRI image of the human cranial region, showing the different parts of the brain anatomy, by DrOONeil

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