American Turkeys: Identify U.S. Politicians Dressed as Pilgrims

Happy Thanksgiving!

Why identify U.S. politicians on Thanksgiving? Let me explain.

I actually had an ancestor on that cold little ship packed with the quasi-lost and often clueless immigrants who had to have their pasty white behinds saved by the merciful, generous and hospitable natives of the land.

Given the way things turned out for the natives, I get that this is not a day everybody wants to celebrate.

On the other hand, the idea of two groups of incredibly different people peaceably sitting down to share a common meal is a good lesson for our rabidly partisan age.

Who could be more divided than our politicians these days? I put in images below so you can identify U.S. politicians as they stand today. (Some will, of course, soon be swapped out.)

Please take them in the spirit in which they are intended, with humor and goodwill to all people (even the ones we consider fantastically dumb and/or cruel) for at least this one day.


You can make it a game if you like.

  • One point for every politician you can identify by name
  • Another point for if you can remember their actual title

Answers supplied below

From top left moving right and then back down to the left:

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

Kevin McCarthy, Republican Leader

Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader

Steve Scalise, Republican Whip

James Clyburn, Majority Whip

Elise Stefanik, Republican Conference Chairman

Katherine Clark, Assistant Speaker

Gary Palmer, Republican Policy Committee Chairman

Hakeem Jeffries, Democratic Caucus Chairman

Kamala Harris, Vice President

Patrick J. Leahy, President Pro Tempore

Charles E. Schumer, Democratic Leader Chairman of the Conference

Richard J. Durbin, Majority Whip

Mitch McConnell, Republican Leader

John Thune, Republican Whip

John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Associate Justice

Joe Biden, President of the United States

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2 thoughts on “American Turkeys: Identify U.S. Politicians Dressed as Pilgrims”

  1. I agree about the divisiveness and need to sit down and talk peaceably, but I don’t see that happening. Our political system is broken (if measured by working for the people) or working perfectly for the elite and special interests.

    1. I tend to agree it’s broken in that it doesn’t tend to represent the actual desires on the population well. There are whole studies on that. But it could be worse, and it may get worse yet if those who want to turn the US into a kind of Hungary get their way.

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