The Human Network

Humans were the network long before software and hardware ever existed. In the human network, each person is a node, of course, and each connection with other people is a link. The links are not just what make us a network, they are what make us human.

You might deem those links as threads. Of course, sometimes they are literally like threads, the wires and the cables that make up our astonishing, often befuddling communication networks.

the human network

Other times, the threads are invisible (to us) radio waves and microwaves and what-not. But the most important invisible threads are those forged by love between family members and friends and lovers. Love is invisible but indisputably real.

the human network

This multitude of threads make up a much larger, ever-changing tapestry. A tapestry reflecting who we are, collectively, globally. A tapestry woven into the world’s far more expansive ecosystem, one we should be bent on not just preserving but sustaining and growing.

Amid all this, keep in mind you are not alone. We are not alone. Far from it.

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Mark R. Vickers

I am a writer, analyst, futurist and researcher. I've spent most of my working life as an editor and manager for research organizations focusing on social, business, technology, HR and management trends. But, perhaps more to the point for this blog, I'm curious about the universe and the myriad, often mysterious relationships therein.

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