Mark Vickers

Me on one of my scruffier and squintier days

Mark R. Vickers is a writer and researcher who currently lives in Florida.

mark at vigoremedia.com

The slightly longer version:

I’ve typically made my living as a business writer, editor, and researcher. I currently have the privilege of working as the Chief Research Analyst and Data Wrangler at the HR Research Institute (HRRI), which is powered by HR.com. Everything I write here, however, is entirely my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of HR.com.

I’m also an author who has published essays, short stories, poetry and a novel. I reside in Florida with my brilliant and multi-talented wife and a couple of ne’er-do-well cats who live with the comfort, ease and arrogance of landed gentry.

About The Reticulum


A reticulum is:

  • any network or netlike structure, a description that, given the right perspective, describes just about everything
  • the second stomach of a ruminant, animals that are known, of course, for rumination
  • aka, the Net, the name of a southern constellation between Dorado and Hydrus

This blog primarily combines the first two of these definitions, largely being ruminations about networks of all sorts. But it also includes writings on a variety of other topics I find interesting.