Quick & Quirky Python

This is a series of blog posts on learning the basics of the computer language Python. I mostly wrote these Python programming lessons for a single beginner: me.

That said, I figured the posts might come in handy for a few others and so dolled them up with some images. I also provide links to sources written by people who are no doubt more knowledgeable than I about Python programming in particular and coding in general.

I generally don’t need Python to do my research work, but it can be famously useful to data scientists. In fact, I’ve dabbled most with the two languages potentially pertinent to my field: Python and R. They’re both great in their ways but I find Python more fun to learn and to use.

A Touch of Light-Heartedness

Note that I took, or tried to take, a humorous approach to many of these posts. That’s partly due to my personality and the fact I wanted to be amused when rereading them while brushing up on basic knowledge. But it’s also in fitting with the Python culture, as I understand it. It’s a powerful tool but one that is somehow light-hearted.     I think you’ll see what I mean.

Please click on the images rather than the titles of the posts to get to the posts rather than the images. I know, confusing, right?

Featured image from Deepugn, as posted on Wikimedia Commons