Email to Kathy

Sorry to have bothered you.
After searching my house
and combing the workplace
I finally found my glasses
where I had looked five times before.

They were hidden, near invisible,
among my beach sunflowers,
to which I had carefully bowed
looking for new growth
in the midst of long drought

I think they intentionally
slipped from my shirt pocket
to lie cool in the green foliage,
resting, temporarily freed
from the furrowed frustrations
of my hot brow, so tired
of being the lenses through
which I try to focus weak
beams of thought to start
some minor fire on the page.

Now I’ve harnessed them again.
As I write you this e-mail,
they wearily serve, dreaming
of green fields of red and yellow
flowers where they can be
at peace, idly enlarging sticks and stems,
leaves and ladybugs, far from the
hum of human deliberation.




Featured image by Daniel Di Palma, Miami Beach – Sand Dunes Flora – Sea Grapes and Dune Sunflowers in South Beach. Wikimedia Commons.

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