Little Boxes in Mar-a-Lago

“Little Boxes in Mar-a-Lago” is sung to the tune of “Little Boxes” by Melvina Reynolds

Little boxes in Mar-a-Lago
Little boxes moved by Trumpy Dumpy
Little boxes at Mar-a-Lago
Little boxes not the same

There were photos and mementos
And defense plans and nuclear things
They were all moved by Trumpy Dumpy
And they all weren’t just the same

And the people at Mar-a-lago
All went to there eat and dance
Which they did near all the boxes
And they all weren’t just the same

There were liars and defilers
And sons of foreign presidents
And they all went to Trumpy Dumpy
And they all weren’t just the same

There they hit balls on the tennis courts
And drank all their martinis dry
And they had lots of money honey
But they all weren’t the just same

And the boxes with the secrets
Were scattered all throughout the place
Like a basement and a ballroom
And rooms weren’t all the same

Then the Feds said to return them
And they asked all very nicey wicey
Bout the boxes with the secrets
Cause they all weren’t just the same

Though forbidden, they were hidden
And then they were lied about
But the Feds finally found them all
Now the whole world’s not the same

Political Addendum

I wrote the political satire above partly just to see if I could, but the truth is that I know very well this is no laughing matter for Mr. Trump or the nation as a whole.

I’m not one of the people actually celebrating the indictment. In a nation of laws, it may be necessary to prosecute Trump given the flagrant nature of the crime and, especially, the absurd and repeated attempts to cover it up, but it’s ultimately a tragedy for the nation.

By many measures, Mr. Trump deserves this. If he’d just given everything back and said, “Oops, my bad,” this issue would have been a minor historical footnote.

But in my non-expert opinion, Trump is seriously mentally ill and has my pity. He genuinely can’t help himself, it appears to me.

The best possible outcome here is for him to be found guilty and forced to seek psychiatric help. Ultimately, that should be part of a plea deal that allows him to stay out of prison, if that’s legally possible, for the good of the nation. Maybe this will require a presidential pardon.

The worst outcome would be for Mr. Trump to become president because he would never be willing to voluntarily leave office, if only (this time) to avoid prosecution. He’d spend four years trying to find some way to subvert the 22nd Amendment.

Of course, the alternative of a smart, Orbán-wannabe like DeSantis would not be much better for the nation. It could arguably be worse if the U.S. continues to move toward fascism. Which makes me hope the GOP comes to its senses and selects a sane, pro-democratic, non-demagogue candidate in the primary, even if he or she leans more conservative than moderate.

Featured image of classified documents in a bathroom at Mar-A-Lago 1000-6.jpg from Wikimedia Commons