These are blog posts on reality, whatever that is

For now, most of them are on the book Reality Is Not What It Seems, by physicist Carlo Rovelli. I felt I could understand the book better by writing on its core ideas, and these posts also serve as notes if I want to refresh my memory about the concepts.

Of course, writing on reality is a dismayingly tricky thing. The deeper you go, the weirder and more inexplicable it gets. And theoretical as well. The truth is that, at very deep level, we just don’t understand reality very well. As a species, we’re still learning and I suspect that’ll continue as long as thete are human beings.

Maybe science is bringing us closer to grokking what’s real and what’s not. I hope so. But even assuming that’s true, we have a very long way to got before we get to the bottom of things, assuming a bottom even exists.

Still, I find it fun to think about these issues, which is why a lot of these serious ideas are leavened by levity. My experience is that taking reality too seriously is bad your health. I take a more Taoist approach to studying reality, or physics, or metaphysics, or whatever you want to deem it. And, I try not to hang onto any given theory too tightly.

Of course, I probably know squat about Taoism as well, so take all that with a sizeable grain of salt.

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